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Leaked Interior Photos of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz Surface Online

Volkswagen ID Buzz, steering wheel, dash | Photo: VW ID Talk
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The production version of the ID.Buzz is set to be unveiled on March 9

Volkswagen's ID.Buzz minivan will be officially unveiled on March 9. The “buzz” around this all-electric model has been loud and positive since it was unveiled as a concept in 2017. Clearly, a modern, electric incarnation of VW’s iconic Type 2 has enormous potential... if Volkswagen respects, with its production version, the spirit of the concept everyone fell so head over heels for.

Subsequent peeks at the model in development have cooled ardours somewhat, but hope springs eternal and the March 9 reveal will tell us whether to be happy or disappointed or something in between. In the meantime, we can always take a look at some “unofficial” images that have leaked all over the internet. These first appeared on the VW ID Talk online forum.

The most striking discovery has to do with the upholstery, which mixes orange and white. This gives hope for a two-tone approach as well on the outside – which is what we saw with the concept, of course. That seems to be the case based on the vehicle's pillars that can be seen in some of the images. The seats are also decorated with the ID. letters embroidered in white on the orange part of the backrest, offering a contrasting effect. There are also orange accents on the dashboard and inside the doors., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

Volkswagen ID.Buzz, driver's seat
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, driver's seat | Photo: VW ID Talk
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, second-row seats
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, second-row seats | Photo: VW ID Talk

The first row of seats has bucket seats, while the second row gets a three-person bench (60/40 split). It's interesting to note that this particular model appears to be two-row, as there are no seat belts for a third row and the rear floor doesn't appear to hide any seats. Interestingly, the plastic sections flanking the seats feature silhouettes of the model, which gives us a glimpse of the overall look.

As for the dashboard, it follows the theme used with the ID.4 SUV. There's a screen in front of the driver, on which will feature all the driving information. A larger touchscreen sits atop the centre console. The extra height of the vehicle is put to good use by the integration of retractable cup holders under the air vents.

For the rest, we'll be back with all the details on March 9.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz, first-row seat
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, first-row seat | Photo: VW ID Talk
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, seatbacks
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, seatbacks | Photo: VW ID Talk
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, lower section of second-row seat
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, lower section of second-row seat | Photo: VW ID Talk
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, bottom portion of cargo area
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, bottom portion of cargo area | Photo: VW ID Talk
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, cargo area
Volkswagen ID.Buzz, cargo area | Photo: VW ID Talk