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Lexus to Unveil New Signature for Electric Vehicles

Lexus electric concept | Photo: Lexus
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Daniel Rufiange
Lexus' current design signature is strong, and so we can expect it to be with its electric models as well

The design of Lexus products, marked by an hourglass-shaped grille, remains somewhat controversial. But while the brand’s signature has its critics, it is one of the most recognizable in the industry. For an automaker, that’s worth its weight in gold.

However, the reality is that the array of electric models on the way have no need for the huge grille and air vents that are part of the current signature. As a result, we can expect the company to introduce a new approach to styling with its EVs.

And, it appears that will happen as soon as this spring. Lexus confirmed it will unveil a concept that will introduce us to the new look that will be common to its EVs. In anticipation of that, the company has teased a first image previewing that look. It shows the rear of the vehicle that shows little other than thin lights and the letters L-E-X-U-S on the trunk. We can also see lines extending towards the ground, forming what appears to be a trapezoidal shape. One clue to its possible use might be found in the LF-30 concept introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2019.

We don't expect the vehicle shown here to be an evolution of that prototype, but it will certainly borrow a few features from it.

Lexus currently sells an electric version of its UX subcompact SUV (called the UX 300e) elsewhere in the world, but the electrification plan for North America is not yet known. We do know that an SUV is in the works, but the overall strategy remains a little nebulous for now. Stay tuned.

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Lexus electric concept, front
Lexus electric concept, front | Photo: Lexus
Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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