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2025 Lexus UX: More Power and a New Hybrid System

2025 Lexus UX 300h | Photo: Lexus
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Daniel Rufiange
The 2025 UX will feature Toyota’s new fifth-generation hybrid system

The Lexus UX is getting an upgrade for 2025. We're not talking about a new generation for the model, which launched in 2019, but the changes are significant enough to almost call it that. 

Most notable is the introduction of a new hybrid system, which the company describes as its fifth-generation hybrid powertrain. Since gains in efficiency are a must from one generation to the next, this one promises… a gain in efficiency. 

The model will once again be available with just the one powertrain. But this go around the 2.0L Atkinson-cycle 4-cylinder will offer more power, with output rising from 181 to 196 hp.

2025 Lexus UX 300h, badging
2025 Lexus UX 300h, badging | Photo: Lexus

The gain means an adjustment in the model’s nomenclature. We currently know it as the UX 250h, but as of the 2025 model-year it’ll be the UX 300h. 

The powertrain will now be associated with an E-CVT transmission, essentially a CVT (continuously variable transmission) with two integrated electric motors. The U.S. announcement refers to a front-wheel drive configuration, with the option of all-wheel drive, but in Canada, the current UX 250h is only offered with all-wheel drive. We don't anticipate any changes on this front. 

A lighter lithium-ion battery will replace the current nickel-metal hydride unit. There will also be an electronic gear selector, with no mechanical link to the transmission. According to Lexus, this approach enables faster, smoother gear changes.

The new 2025 Lexus UX 300h
The new 2025 Lexus UX 300h | Photo: Lexus

The company claims a 0-97 km/h time of 7.9 seconds with all-wheel drive. With the current version, the 0-100 km/h time is 8.7 seconds. (Note that 0-97 km/h corresponds to 0-60 mph). 

Those who want a sportier UX can once again opt for the F Sport package, which adds a more aggressively tuned suspension with adjustable dampers, as well as F Sport styling additions. A new standard feature of this package is the kick sensor for the power tailgate.

Interior of the 2025 Lexus UX 300h
Interior of the 2025 Lexus UX 300h | Photo: Lexus

On board, the layout features more chrome, and a number of ergonomic changes have been made, notably in regard to the layout of the buttons on the door panels. The 7.0-inch digital display for driving information is once again standard, but now it will be possible to opt for a 12.3-inch unit. The idea is the same for with the multimedia system screen, 8.0 inches as standard with an option for a 12.3-inch display. A head-up display will also be offered. 

All of the information provided is for the U.S. UX, so we'll have to wait and see what happens with the Canadian offering, and which variants will be included. More details will be revealed in 2024, including the price range.

2025 Lexus UX 300h, profile
2025 Lexus UX 300h, profile | Photo: Lexus
2025 Lexus UX 300h white
2025 Lexus UX 300h white | Photo: Lexus
Exterior design of 2025 Lexus UX 300h
Exterior design of 2025 Lexus UX 300h | Photo: Lexus
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