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Maserati Will Be Fully Electric by 2030

The future GranTurismo « Folgore » from Maserati |
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Daniel Rufiange
Stellantis is surely hoping the electric shift will allow Maserati to catch up with some of it rivals

Add Maserati's name to the brands that have committed to going all-electric, and put a date on that. The Stellantis-owned Italian automaker has set a goal for 2030 to move its lineup fully away from combustion engines.

GranTurismo “Folgore”
It won't be long before we see a first EV either. Maserati plans to offer electric versions of all models in its lineup starting in 2025. The company also confirmed on Thursday that we should see its first all-electric model, the 1,200-hp GranTurismo, next year.

That output will allow the GranTurismo “Folgore” to speed from 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and reach a top speed north of 300 km/h. The name Folgore, which signifies “lightning” in Italian, will be used to group together the brand’s electric offerings.

After the GranTurismo, Maserati will launch an all-electric version of the mid-size Grecale SUV, as well as a Grancabrio GT. By 2025, Maserati also plans to add electric versions to the MC20 supercar, Quattroporte sedan and Levante SUV.

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The future GranTurismo « Folgore » from Maserati, fig. 2
The future GranTurismo « Folgore » from Maserati, fig. 2 | Photo: Maserati

Maserati CEO Davide Grasso described the shift as a “defining moment” for the more-than-century-old automaker.

In a piece of good news for employees, Stellantis is pledging that every Folgore model will be developed, designed and produced entirely in Italy. According to Grasso, Maserati has also raised its internal quality standards, investing money in personnel and facilities to achieve its goals. This also means that performance, comfort and technology will be at the heart of the brand's new electric models.

Those are the right words, for sure. The actions backing them up will be what counts in the long run.

The future GranTurismo « Folgore » from Maserati, fig. 3
The future GranTurismo « Folgore » from Maserati, fig. 3 | Photo: Maserati
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