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How despicable! Giant Minion balloon crashes on Dublin street

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The Minions are everywhere these days! In addition to starring on the big screen and posting funny quotes on Facebook, they create congestion in the streets. At least it happened to one 40' tall Minion balloon that escaped from a Dublin fair and crashed on a busy street in the middle of the afternoon, the Irish newspaper The Independent reports. 

As you can imagine, a number of bystanders took pictures of the unique scene to share on social media. Fortunately, nobody beside Kevin was injured.

“It seems like one of those innocent ‘silly season’ stories but I am very concerned that such a large object was allowed escape onto a busy main road. There could have been far more serious consequences,” city counsellor Paul McAuliffe told The Irish Times. “Fairground events and festivals are really important in bringing foot fall to our city villages but even the smallest events have health and safety conditions. 

A report on the incident will be filed and the fairground operators will be interviewed by council officials in the next few days.