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Top vehicles on Canadians’ wish list for Christmas

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If you could ask Santa Claus for any vehicle this year, what would it be? DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc. recently surveyed 1,500 people across Canada, and 28.7% of them said they’d like an SUV.

Other popular choices are, in order, sports/exotic cars (15.7%), electric cars (15.6%), pickups (13.7%), and sedans (12%). Unsurprisingly, minivans are the type of vehicle Canadians want the least (6.4%). 

Looking at regional differences, certain regions have an above-average preference for different types of cars. Ontarians are most likely to wish for an exotic or sports car while people in Quebec favour electric cars and sedans. Albertans have a strong propensity towards SUVs, while respondents from the Atlantic region prefer pickup trucks.