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Jeep Vaunts New Wipers Designed to Make Off-Roaders’ Lives Easier

The new Mopar wiper blades
Photo: Jeep
This isn't the first time we've seen an innovation in wipers, but these Mopar products Jeep has unveiled seem pretty effective Automotive expert , Updated:

If there's one automotive component that has evolved relatively slowly in recent decades, it's the windshield wiper. Yes, contemporary wipers are more efficient than the measly units fitted on vehicles in the 1950s and 1960s, but many of them still work inefficiently when the conditions get nasty.

We’ve all been stuck with a windshield that's not always completely clean, especially in winter.

Jeep may have a solution. This isn't the first time we've been promised better wiper technology, but the video shared by the company showing it in action makes a convincing argument for the new performance wiper.

The new model’s blades incorporate washer fluid jets within them. So far, nothing new - that technology has been around for decades. The difference this time us that there are 12 openings for the wiper fluid. According to Jeep, the 12 laser-cut openings ensure the windshield can be cleaned in a single pass. The new wiper blades are available as part of the Jeep Performance Accessory Package for Wrangler or Gladiator models (2018 and up for Wrangler).

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The new wiper blades at work and play
The new wiper blades at work and play
Photo: Jeep

It's easy to imagine how useful they'll be for those who like to point their Jeep off the beaten path on occasion, not to mention in winter when slush can be a daunting foe for any motorist.

The installation of these wipers requires the deactivation of the windshield washer nozzles. According to Jeep, these units use less washer fluid than if the washer fluid was sprayed directly on the window.

There is a small caveat to this, as it is clear that a significant amount of fluid is used when the 24 jets go into action. With the present system, with some vehicles, it’s possible to spray a small amount at a time onto the windshield. However, if you have to do it repeatedly to get a result, then maybe the new Jeep wipers actually use less fluid.

You'll have to test them to find out. Still, if it provides better visibility…