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New recalls by Chrysler affect over 60,000 vehicles

New recalls by Chrysler affect over 60,000 vehicles

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Chrysler has just issued a pair of recalls, the first one affecting 63,201 Dodge Ram and Dakota (2009-2010), Dodge Durango (2009), Ram 1500 (2011-2012) and Chrysler Aspen (2009) trucks

Apparently, the rear axle pinion nut could loosen and allow the rear driveshaft to detach from the axle, or fully detach from the vehicle. Pinion nut separation could also cause the rear axle differential to fail suddenly, producing rear wheel lockup. These issues could result in a loss of propulsion and/or vehicle control, and possibly a crash.

Dealers will therefore install a pinion nut retainer.

The second recall targets 90 Chrysler 200 and Dodge Avenger sedans from 2013. Some of those may experience fuel leakage or engine stall due to a broken control valve in the fuel tank assembly. This could lead to a fire or a crash.

Dealers will inspect the control valve in the fuel tank. If there's any damage, the fuel tank assembly and vapour canister will be replaced.

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