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Volkswagen Golf soon to be updated; countdown continues with Part 6

Excited about the upcoming launch of the significantly updated Volkswagen Golf yet? We sure are. Only six days left!

The countdown continues today with a focus on the Golf MkVI (sixth generation), introduced in 2008 with more and more high-end amenities and sophisticated driver assistance systems, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, automatically steered Park Assist, automatic main beam management Light Assist, the Hill Hold function, and further technical innovations in the form of adaptive chassis control (some of these systems were available in Europe only).

This Volkswagen Golf was so good it earned the "World Car of the Year" title in 2009.

In case you missed our look back at the second-generation Golf (MkII), third-generation Golf (MkIII), fourth-generation Golf (MkIV), and fifth-generation Golf (MkV), as well as the overview of the Golf’s safety evolution and its many variants over the years, you should definitely check them out now.

We hope you’ll appreciate the following video from VW. Come back in the next few days for more information about the next Volkswagen Golf.