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Two New Colours to Make the 2020 Acura NSX More Desirable

The Acura NSX might be an extraordinary car, but it doesn’t sell. Last year its maker sold a paltry 170 units in the United States. This year the company is on track for a slight improvement, but that’s with heavy incentives and frankly the numbers remain abysmally low.

For 2020, Acura hopes to give the supercar a boost with the reintroduction of two colour choices that marked the history of the model, called Berlina Black and Indy Yellow Pearl. The latter one is a direct tribute to the Yellow Spa colour available for the original NSX between 1997 and 2003. This colour was in fact the fifth most-popular choice among buyers of that first generation, and today it’s one of the hottest versions on the classic-car market.  

For the 2020 edition, the NSX comes by default in Berlina Black, with Indy Yellow Pearl being a $1,000 option. This is actually a great deal when you consider that the Valencia Red Pearl and Nouvelle Blue Pearl colours will cost buyers another $6,000.

Mechanically, the new version is set to remain unchanged for 2020, this despite persistent rumours pointing to an even more-powerful version. As for the current version, you can check out the recent on-track review by our intrepid Vincent Aubé who recently had the chance to take the NSX onto the MoSport circuit in Ontario.

Photo: Acura

While we await the new 2020 version, buyers will have to make do with the hybrid configuration of the current edition, powered by a 3.5L turbocharged V6 combined with three electric motors. Together this system delivers a healthy 573 hp and 476 lb-ft of torque.

Recall that two of those electric motors serve to add power going to the front wheels. The V6 engine, 9-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and third electric motor send power to the rear axle. Together the powertrain can take the car from a stop to 100 km/h in about three seconds.

Those interested in the 2020 NSX can actually place pre-orders now; expect deliveries to start this fall. Acura has a tall order for the new year for its supercar, as it will have to compete with a new entrant in the segment. The transformed 2020 Chevrolet Corvette will cost two-to-three times less than the NSX.

Photo: Acura
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