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Gm Considers Folding Ramps for its Pickup Trucks

2024 GMC Sierra HD | Photo: General Motors
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Daniel Rufiange
The proposed innovation is simple and would certainly be popular with owners.

•   GM considers folding ramps for its pickup trucks.

Any pickup truck owner will tell you. When it's time to load the bed of a motorcycle, ATV, or other vehicles that can roll right into the bed, there's a problem with the ramps used to access the bed. 

They're either too short or too long. In the first case, you end up having to climb at a steep angle to get into the box. In the second case, the slope is less steep, but the ramp is more cumbersome and therefore more difficult to store. 

To solve this problem, GM has developed foldable access ramps that could make loading easier. A patent application was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on January 18. It was first filed on July 13, 2022.

Manufacturers are always thinking about improving the accessories and tricks they offer with their vans. In 2023, Ford mentioned a ramp that would be part of an extendable bed floor. Basically, the entire bed floor could slide back beyond the end of the tailgate. The rearmost part would flip down to form a ramp.

As you can see, manufacturers have been working on this type of solution for a long time. 

The folding ramps proposed by GM would allow access to the box at a slight angle, making loading easier. The ramp could then be stored on the sides of the box.

As described in the patent application, each ramp would consist of two sections hinged in the middle, with structural supports to support sufficient weight. When fully deployed, they would be attached to the tailgate. When not in use, they would simply fold up and stow away. 

The advantage of GM's solution is that everything is integrated. 

Will we see it on the market? It's often said, but just because a patent is granted doesn't mean it's guaranteed. However, the system seems simple enough here, which gives us reason to believe that we'll see a production accessory in the short to medium term.

Daniel Rufiange
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