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Where are electric cars the most popular around the world?

The number of electric cars on Canadian roads keeps increasing, especially in Quebec, yet in 2015 they still represented just 0.4% of total car sales across the country.

What about the rest of the world? Scandinavian countries have a much higher proportion of EVs than Canada, Norway leading the way with nearly 25% of new-car purchases last year being electric cars. Numerous government incentives, combined with heavily taxed gasoline vehicles, are the main reasons why. In fact, the plan over there is to ban gasoline-only cars by 2025.

Earlier this summer, Radio-Canada reported that automakers will soon be forced to offer a certain percentage of electrified vehicles to Quebec drivers, based on their total sales. Similar laws exist in about a dozen U.S. states like California, one of the biggest markets for EVs and plug-in hybrids in Uncle Sam’s land.

More and more alternatives with at least 300 kilometres of range will be launched in the next few years, such as the Chevy Bolt, and prices will be even more attainable than ever, likely prompting the masses to consider them seriously.

The following map identifies which parts of the globe have the largest proportion of electric cars. As you can see, Canada is lagging behind European countries.

What about you? Would you buy an electric car with 300 kilometres of range for $30k-$40k? Keep in mind you would no longer have to pay for gas…