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Three advantages of choosing an electric car in 2023

The benefits of owning an electric vehicle | Photo: IA Auto and home insurance
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Khatir Soltani

Thinking about buying an electric car? Fasten your seat belt: a host of advantages await you around the bend!

1- Reinforce your budget with an electric car

The selling price of an electric car is still higher than that of a gasoline-powered vehicle. However, a number of subsidies offered by the federal and provincial governments reduce the monthly payments you have to make. In addition to these financial incentives, there are other savings to be made when you switch from a gasoline-powered car:

- Lower energy consumption

Electricity is a less expensive resource than oil. The cost of running an electric car is up to four times less than that of a gasoline-powered car per kilometer driven. To calculate the amount you could save by not having to fill up your tank every week, Hydro-Québec offers a well-designed tool.

-Lower maintenance costs

The best electric cars are in high demand. This type of vehicle generally costs less to maintain than gasoline-powered vehicles. An all-electric car requires no oil change. No need to go to the garage every 8,000 km! Equipped with a regenerative braking system, it also extends the useful life of brake discs and pads. And with fewer parts in the engine, it's even more reliable!

-Car insurance discounts

Many companies offer incentives to encourage their customers to switch to electric cars. For example, some financial institutions offer more advantageous financing for the purchase of electric vehicles. Some insurers also offer discounts on the cost of car insurance for low- or zero-emission vehicles.

In any case, grouping your home and auto insurance policies under one roof will enable you to obtain a multi-product discount. Insist on coverage that meets your needs and is based on how you use your vehicle. Be sure to get a car insurance quote from several insurance companies before making your choice.

2- Having fun behind the wheel of an electric car

The sale of gasoline-powered vehicles will be banned in Canada as early as 2035. Sooner or later, you'll have to opt for an electric car. And right now, the wait to get your hands on that coveted electric car isn't as long as you might think.
The "Donnez-nous des nouvelles" survey, conducted in December 2022 by Équiterre, found that since April 2021, 55 percent of buyers of a new electric vehicle have been able to take possession of it in less than six months. Another 30 percent waited between six months and a year. One thing's for sure, your patience will be rewarded.

-Green plate privileges

In Quebec, all fully electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are required to have a green plate. And drivers benefit from the privileges it offers! Your new car could allow you to use reserved lanes, enjoy free reserved parking in certain areas, and have free access to toll roads or ferries. No, there's no shortage of incentives when it comes to going green!

-Comfort adapted to Quebec's climate

In cold weather, electric car owners who have a charging station at home can program their vehicle to warm up in preparation for departure. What could be better than driving to work without having to complain about frosted windows, fogged mirrors and the discomfort of an icy cabin? Gone, too, are start-up problems when the mercury drops to minus 25 degrees Celsius!

-An enhanced driving experience

Music lovers will be pleased to hear: electric cars are very quiet. they are renowned for the quiet ride they deliver. What could be more pleasant than listening to the music of your choice, without the typical roar of a gasoline engine? In fact, the whole driving experience is enhanced: the electric motor even delivers superior acceleration performance to the combustion engine, as soon as you step on the gas!

3- Contribute to the fight against climate change

Everyone needs to do their bit to contribute to the energy transition. You'll be pleased to learn that the environmental impact of electric cars is much lower than that of gasoline-powered vehicles. After 300,000 km, the former emit up to 80 percent fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs) than the latter!

While the electric car loses a few points at the manufacturing stage (notably due to the use of metals in battery manufacture), its environmental record improves with every kilometer driven. Internal combustion vehicles, on the other hand, see their score drop with every litre of petrol burned...

As you can see, there are many advantages to choosing an electric car. The driver, his wallet and our planet are all the better for it. So, are you ready for a test drive?

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Khatir Soltani
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