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We Might Soon See a Porsche Boxster Electric Concept

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There's a lot of talk about electrification at Porsche these days. After the news about the announced range of the electric Macan, now Car and Driver magazine reports that a presentation of the electric variant of the Boxster is imminent.

Rumours of an all-electric-powered Porsche Boxster are not new - the Stuttgart-based German automaker has been testing various prototypes for some time. When the model will be introduced remains a mystery, though. Indications are we could get to see the concept soon.

Car and Driver magazine reports that an electric Boxster is definitely in the works, and Michael Steiner, a member of the brand's executive development council, told the publication that Porsche is doing everything possible to make it happen. Unfortunately, nothing is known yet about the vehicle that will be unveiled, although the magazine thinks Porsche may follow a similar approach to the one taken with the Mission E concept; that prototype gave us a good early look at the production Taycan., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

If that's the case, then Porsche could reveal an electric concept version of the Boxster that would be very close to production. Available information suggests it will take advantage of a new architecture, different from the PPE platform that will underpin the upcoming electric Macan.

In short, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding this future model.

Despite the different platforms, the Boxster (and Cayman) could follow a similar strategy to the Macan, i.e. the electric version could be sold simultaneously with the conventional model. This is still speculation, but it makes sense.

One thing is certain, if the Taycan has paved the way, other electric models will follow at Porsche and we'll soon be talking about a family of electric products for the manufacturer. While we're not too worried about the fact that the brand's electric products will retain the Porsche DNA, the absence of the legendary sound of the brand's engines will force all fans to mourn.