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How About Touring the World in a Porsche Cayenne?

This past August Porsche unveiled its all-new 2019 Porsche Cayenne, and a few weeks after that provided us with privileged access to the new model in Germany. Now the carmaker is making an incredible proposition to fans of the large luxury SUV and of the open road: around the world in 80 days in a new Cayenne!

It’s not the first such venture for the German luxury automaker, which has a particular penchant for organizing unique road trips for its clients. This time, the World Expedition will cover six continents and more than 30,000 km and take somewhere in the neighborhood of… 80 days, in a nod to Jules Verne and his famous story. It will start in the spring of 2018 and take participants through a host of different countries, settings and vistas, adding up to a veritable sensory smorgasbord for those taking part.

“This World Expedition is designed for avid Porsche enthusiasts seeking unique experiences with like-minded people and extreme driving challenges – people who desire an adventure that is truly priceless.”

- Catja Wiedenmann, Manager of Porsche Driving Experience at Porsche

Here are details regarding the itinerary, split into six legs:

Expedition 1 | Australia, 13 days | ~ 5,400 km from Brisbane to Perth
Expedition 2 | Europe, 14 days | ~ 7,000 km from North Cape to Chamonix
Expedition 3 | Africa, 13 days | ~ 4,700 km from Johannesburg to the Serengeti
Expedition 4 | Central America, 14 days | ~ 3,900 km from Cancún to Panama City
Expedition 5 | South America, 14 days | ~ 5,800 km from Lima to Buenos Aires
Expedition 6 | Southeast Asia, 13 days | ~ 3,500 km from Bangkok to Shangri-La

A total of 28 spots per leg of the expedition will be available; click here for full details.

As the 2019 Porsche Cayenne is not set to hit the Canadian market before next summer, the World Expedition is also a unique opportunity for participants to get an advance sneak preview of the new edition!

We leave you with a few enticing images of the sublime places you could discover at the wheel of the equally sublime 2019 Cayenne…