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Ram’s All-Electric Pickup Teased, Will Be Presented This Fall

With Ford and Chevrolet already showing off their electric pickups, Ram doesn't have too much time to waste Automotive columnist: , Updated:

With the Ford F-150 Lightning about to launch, we can be sure the competition is looking at ways to speed up the arrivals of their own electric pickups.

We already know that the Chevrolet Silverado will be a 2024 product and that its presentation is expected next year. Ram has previously confirmed its launch schedule is similar, but now the company issued another teaser image and short video to accompany its announcement that the model will get its premiere presentation this coming fall.

That doesn't mean the market launch will happen any sooner, but at the least we’ll get the details on it before the end of the year.

The new video and images reveal… not that much actually.  This time we get a front view of the vehicle, but the elements that would give us a good idea of the design remain hidden. The RAM lettering in the center of the grille is illuminated, a feature that should make its way onto the production version.

The official name of the pickup is still to be confirmed, however, and frankly anyone’s guess is as good as ours right now.

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If all goes according to plan, production of the electric Ram will begin in 2024. The model is set to use the STLA platform and offer a battery with a capacity of 101 kWh to 118 kWh. The range could reach 800 km, but that’s not confirmed yet.

As the timeline currently stand, the model will hit the road around the same time as General Motors' electric Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, but that’s assuming Stellantis doesn’t adjust its plans to get ahead of GM.

Ram is also promising an extended-range electric pickup truck, but it's unclear whether it will be introduced before or at the same time as the all-electric model.