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The Range Rover Sport descends the Inferno Downhill in Switzerland

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Familiar with the Inferno Downhill Challenge? This extreme ski run has, since 1928, welcomed upwards of 1,800 skiers willing and able to tackle its 15-kilometre descent. The run features inclines of as much as 75 degrees, and bedevils skiers with conditions that vary wildly between its starting point at 3,000 metres of altitude, and the finish in the Swiss village of Mürren in a valley far below. 

British driver and stuntman Ben Collins got behind the wheel of a Range Rover Sport to take on this mythical descent. The vehicle featured a 5.0L supercharged V8 engine able to produce 510 HP, and was completely standard other than being fitted with a roll cage and reinforced tires.

How did the SUV manage on this incredible run dotted with sudden drops, rocky terrain, ice, snow, mud, rocks and foliage? Check out the video to find out!