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Volvo Issues Small-Scale Recall for Potentially Big Problem

2021 Volvo XC60 | Photo: D.Boshouwers
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Daniel Rufiange
Only 74 vehicles are being recalled, but the steering-related issue needs fixing

•    Volvo is recalling 74 vehicles to fix an issue with potentially serious consequences.

•    An additional screw mistakenly added to the steering box during assembly could interfere with the steering mechanism.

•    If the steering box fails on the road, this can obviously be a serious problem for the driver.

Volvo's latest recall is not a large-scale one, but it’s to fix a significant problem.  The company announced that it’s recalling only 74 vehicles, but to address a potentially serious issue with the steering gear. 

The problem is that an extra screw mistakenly inserted during assembly could find its way into the steering box. If this happens, it can potentially block the steering box and cause a loss of steering control. This would obviously pose an immediate hazard on the road. 

The problem is only present on a small number of models, namely the V60 Cross Country, XC60 and XC90 from 2019-to-2022 model-years.

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According to Volvo, the problem can be traced back to a single workspace on the assembly line where two screws were mistakenly inserted instead of one, with the extra one sitting free and possibly able to travel. Volvo says it knows which steering boxes were assembled in this way, allowing it to recall only the units in question. Owners of vehicles with this defect won't know if their model is affected until the screw starts to interfere with the steering box's operation. A grinding noise may be heard at this time when the steering wheel is turned. 

Dealers have been notified of the problem and owners will be advised of the proper course of action in March.

Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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