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Retro-modern style sets Citroen C6 apart

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By facing forward while bowing in the direction of its storied past, Citroen has created a sensational sedan shape that reminds you of its history but shows a new direction in future design.

Citroën C6
The French auto giant does all that and more this week at the Geneva Motor Show with the introduction of its C6 flagship sedan, which it says ''follows in the tracks of iconic large Citroens of the past'' but also ''represents the latest stage in the rejuvenation of the Citroen marque.''

The side angle of the C6 reminds you of the cars that carried Charles DeGaulle and the ministers of the French government around Paris in the 1960s, but from any angle it looks like nothing else on the market today.

Stylish as the C6 is, it couldn't succeed in today's market if it didn't have a lot of other things going for it as well. To that end, the French car maker says it is a ''combination of aerodynamic styling, cutting-edge technology and high levels of refinement and comfort.''

The C6 focuses on comfort, with a ''lounge on wheels'' approach that benefits from the latest development of the company's acclaimed hydro pneumatic suspension.

Citroën C6
The design lines are meant to give C6 the ''attractive styling of a coupé, whilst its interior space, impressive levels of equipment and quality fittings are in keeping with those of an executive saloon car.''

C6's 2,900-mm wheelbase plays a big role in making the sedan's cabin ''a bright and spacious place to be,'' especially since a lot of the cabin's space is given over to windows.

The ''First Class'' attitude is enhanced by the electronically-controlled suspension system that delivers an experience ''that is more glide than ride,'' the zonal air conditioning with a soft diffusion system to ensure optimum thermal comfort, and laminated side windows to filter out exterior noise.

The refinement and comfort is further highlighted by the use of high quality wood on the dash and door storage compartments, discreet chrome touches around the cabin, and leather seats and door panels.

Both front seats are multi-adjustable, while the availability of premium comfort, electrically-controlled, individual heated seats in the rear ''really does allow passengers to choose their ideal seating position.''

Citroën C6
From the outside, the C6's striking poise, with its long front and short rear overhangs, captures much of Citroën's design pedigree, creating an ''on-the-road presence that is truly unique in the executive sector.''

At 4,910 mm in length and 1,860 mm in width, the C6 has proportions that are in keeping with those of ''an undersized limousine, yet the dynamic shape and design are more representative of a coupé.''

The stylish, aerodynamic profile of the C6 rises from the wide, chrome-plated chevron grille at the front, over the sweeping roof line and down to the rear end where a retractable air deflector deploys at speed for improved aerodynamics. The many distinctive features include frameless doors, a concave rear screen design and rear lights that curve over the wings.