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Rivian Will Unveil a New Model On March 7

The Rivian R1S | Photo: Rivian
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Daniel Rufiange
Rivian has made clear for some time its aim to introduce a smaller SUV

•   Rivian will unveil a new model on March 7th.

California-based Rivian is no longer a newcomer to the market, with two vehicles on the market: the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV. However, the company is still in its infancy in the automotive world, and like an infant it's growing. 

The company had previously confirmed plans to develop two other models, including another SUV, smaller than the R1S; the new model will be dubbed, logically enough, R2S. 

A media outlet covering local news out of Long Beach has now confirmed that Rivian will present a new model in a world premiere set in the California town on March 7. 

As part of the event, the automaker has requested the right to display six vehicles in an area along the Laguna Beach coastline, a spot known to locals and visitors alike as Main Beach Park. The event will last several hours. Some residents didn't approve of the request, but the City Council gave it the green light.

In the plans, a sketch shows the location of the vehicles that will be on site. Certainly the company's current products, in various forms, will be on display, as well as the new model to be announced. The plans make reference to the "Rivian R2 launch". 

Rivian boss RJ Scaringe has already talked about this vehicle, specifically during a question-and-answer seesion on Instagram back in May. 

The R2S model should be roughly the size of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the company hopes to offer it at a price of around $50,000 USD, which could mean a bill of around $60,000 or $65,000 CAD in Canada. 

Originally, the R2S was supposed to arrive in 2025 as a 2026 model. If that's still the case, we should get a good look at the model and be able to make reservations very soon. 

Things are certainly moving along at Rivian, which could be in for an exciting year of sales and portfolio growth. And the company's offices have been buzzing lately. In the past two months, the company has hired Carlo Materazzo, former head of Stellantis' North American operations, as well as Arnehelm Mittlebach, former plant manager at Mercedes-Benz, and Jonas Reinke, a former mobility specialist at Porsche and Apple.

Signs that don't lie.


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