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Saab 9-3 production resumes in Sweden -- sort of

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs), which now owns Saab, has just built its first pre-production car at the Trollhättan assembly plant.

This silver Saab 9-3 sedan had its engine started and systems tested before it left the final station of the production line and was rolled off with admiration by spectators.

The exercise basically served as a reminder that the plant is still operational and will once again be capable of mass-producing automobiles.

“I am pleased that today we have assembled our first car to verify all the production processes here in Trollhättan. Prior to our decision to start production of Saab cars, we need to finalize a few remaining dialogues to build partnerships with suppliers. We now know that the plant is ready for production”, said Mattias Bergman, acting President for Nevs.

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