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Scientists want to publish codes for starting luxury cars

Three cryptography experts from a Dutch university, who have recently cracked the codes used to start luxury cars from Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and Lamborghini, want to publish the results of their work -- including said codes -- in an upcoming August report. However, Volkswagen (which owns the 4 brands) has been granted an injunction from a U.K. court.

The scientists are looking to explain the method used to penetrate Megamos Crypto -- the algorithm-based system that verifies an owner's key -- thereby allowing anyone with the right tools to wirelessly lockpick these expensive automobiles.

"The public have a right to see weaknesses in security on which they rely exposed," they argued.

Naturally, a judge ruled 3 weeks ago that "car crime will be facilitated" if they publish the algorithm.

We'll definitely keep an eye on that story...

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