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New Ford Shelby GT and EcoBoost

Have dark times fallen upon us? A 4-pot in a Ford Shelby GT? This, in a car known the world around for its raw power, handling and bark-off-tree-scaring performance? Yes, to all of the above except for the dark times.

The merging of EcoBoost and Shelby is a direct result of Ford having announced that the cool new Mustang will be available in many world markets. Many of these countries are interested in the car mostly because it’s a ‘Stang but also because it can now be spec’d out with a turbocharged 2.3L 4-cylinder engine. 

Buyers in Europe or countries such as South Africa, China and Australia will be able to add a Shelby package onto their Mustangs. These additions will be installed on the car by a recognized network of ‘Shelby Mod Shops’ in these areas. If you happen to live in North America, you’ll also have this option. Giggidy. 

Transforming your Mustang EcoBoost into a Shelby GT will cost $23,995 USD. The result of this investment will be 335 horsepower, up from 310 hp, to go along with better handling, 20” wheels, big brakes, performance exhaust, and many other exterior and interior improvements. And last but not least, the car will be included in the official Shelby registry.

Source: Motorauthority