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2026 Honda Prelude to Offer 207 HP

The Honda Prelude concept at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show | Photo: D.Boshouwers
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Daniel Rufiange
Honda's strategy with the new Prelude is reminiscent of that used with the CR-Z nearly 15 years ago.

Honda took many by surprise at last year's Tokyo Motor Show when it unveiled a new concept named Prelude, a moniker associated with a model that thrilled a generation of enthusiasts in the 80s and 90s.

This week, via the Best Car website, we learn more about the production model, which is fitted with a hybrid powertrain.

The the engine expected to be used is the same 2.0L 4-cylinder that powers the Accord Hybrid, in which it delivers a combined output of 207 hp.

This news might cause consternation in some circles, as many were hoping for a more powerful Prelude. In 2001, the last year the old model was offered, it offered 200 hp.

The Honda Prelude concept
The Honda Prelude concept | Photo: D.Boshouwers

We had the opportunity to see the concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November, which gave us an idea of its dimensions. Picture the Toyota GR86 and you won't be far off the mark. The GR86 spans 167.9 inches, while the Prelude measures 169.3 inches - some 20 inches less than a Ford Mustang (189.4).

The model's length is thus similar to that of the 80s-vintage Preludes. All this brings to mind the strategy adopted by Honda in the early 2010s with the return of the CR-X, christened CR-Z and offered in hybrid configuration only. The format was essentially the same, without offering too much power.

Problem is, the CR-Z was not a success, despite its qualities. Is Honda about to make the same mistake again, 15 years later? We'll have to wait and see.

Whether or not it will be available in Canada remains to be confirmed, but its presence at the Los Angeles Auto Show last autumn is a good indication. The model is not expected before the second half of 2025.

Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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