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Justin Pritchard
Slow sales may be affected by photography
Slow sales may be affected by photography

Perhaps not surprisingly, most shoppers prefer to see actual photos of new vehicles on dealer lots and in advertisements as opposed to stock
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photos. The finding comes as part of a research study conducted by Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research among in-market car buyers.

Viewing a photograph of a used car can be an important part of the purchase decision for shoppers, as they may be able to see the exact condition, options and mileage of the vehicle in question. The study revealed the same preference for new vehicle shoppers, who wanted to see the exact product they were interested in before driving out to the dealership. Most dealerships use stock photos provided by the carmaker to advertise and showcase current model year vehicles.

The internet is becoming an increasingly popular means of shopping for a new car, and dealers stand to benefit by displaying actual photography of their vehicles to potential buyers. This caters to the 35 percent of new
vehicle shoppers who will visit at least one dealership website while searching for information. Additionally, 74 percent of shoppers are more likely to visit a dealership if they are able to first view an actual photograph, while 53 percent of shoppers are more likely to purchase the vehicle from a dealer with actual stock photos, the study said.

CDMdata, a Kelley Blue Book Company, offers a solution to dealerships interested in carrying actual photographs of their products for display online. Their DigitalLot solution is a device that collects, combines and uploads photographs of each vehicle for sale. It can also upload the photograph to some 150 retail websites at the push of a button. Taking advantage of the detailed information encoded within each vehicles unique VIN number, the system instantly and accurately allows potential customers to view detailed information about their prospective new ride after scanning the number. CDMdata will even provide a representative who visits the dealer's lot and uploads photography and data for them.

"Whether using the solution for new or used vehicles, the DigitalLot quickly and easily automates the process of uploading dealers' online inventory,allowing them to ultimately sell more cars faster." says Mike Romano, Chief Operating Officer for CDMdata. He stresses the benefits of streamlining data collection and uploading in order to allow dealerships to focus on the all-important online buying experience.
Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard
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