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Stellantis Is Pulling Out of North American Auto Shows

Camp Jeep at the 2023 Detroit Auto Show | Photo: Jeep
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Daniel Rufiange
Dealers can take part on their own, as will be the case in Toronto in February

With the Montreal and Toronto auto shows just around the corner, and with the Chicago and New York events coming in the spring, Stellantis has confirmed that it is withdrawing from participating in all Canadian and American shows, until further notice.  

Essentially, the company's aim is to cut back on expenses and get back on a firmer footing to face what promises to be a challenging year, with some of its models and divisions showing signs of fragility, not to mention the efforts it is making as part of its electric transition. 

Recall that Stellantis withdrew from the SEMA Show and the Los Angeles Auto Show late last year. The strike that hit the industry in the fall hurt and cost automakers dearly; there may be a cause and effect here. 

The Chrysler Airflow Graphite concept, at the 2023 Montreal Auto Show
The Chrysler Airflow Graphite concept, at the 2023 Montreal Auto Show | Photo: D.Boshouwers

Dealer participation
Those planning to attend the Montreal or Toronto shows might still well find there Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Alfa Romeo vehicles on site. The automaker is giving its dealers the choice to organize their own presence.

This will be the case in Toronto, where dealers have decided to finance their own exhibition costs. It remains to be seen whether other dealer groups will do the same at other shows, particularly in the U.S. 

They might be motivated to do so, since for some years now, road tests have been organized at trade shows to introduce consumers to Jeep models in particular. These opportunities are popular with show visitors, and it's a safe bet that this translates into sales. Last year, 26,000 people attended Camp Jeep at the Toronto show. And in fac,t Stellantis confirmed today that Camp Jeep will indeed be present at the 2024 New York Auto Show this coming spring.

We'll have to wait and see. Car shows are in a state of flux, and their formula is constantly being reassessed. The shows are very expensive for automakers, and many have started to wonder why they should be spending colossal sums to attend them, especially when sales are vigorous.

The events remain excellent showcases for new products, however. That's why they won't disappear any time soon, but organizers will have to adapt to the new realities in the industry.

Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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