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Study predicts 35% increase in carpooling by 2020

A study published on October 6th by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants predicts a 35% increase in the use of carpooling worldwide by 2020. This will be fuelled by a radical shift in consumer habits, where many people want to make the most of a product or service without necessarily owning it.

In addition to a 35% increase in carpooling, car-sharing services will expand by 30% over the same period and reach $7.9 billion in global revenue, the study forecasts.

Bicycle-sharing services are expected to be 20% more popular in cities, while shared parking will gain 25% more fans by 2020.

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants also points out that people aged 18-25 are two times more likely to use carpooling and car-sharing services.

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