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Tesla Model X: The Sound of Silence at 250 km/h

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We've previously shown you videos of some amazing cars tearing up German highways. Why Germany per se? Because of course, on some stretches, there are no speed limits on its Autobahns. It's always nice to see these clips and part of the fun is hearing the engines firing on all cylinders.

But what about a Tesla Model X? A few things are striking in this clip shared by TopSpeedGermany.

First, of course, is the near absence of sound even as the vehicle reaches a speed of 250 km/h. You'll see this sequence in the second part of the video, when the driver is able to take advantage of a downhill slope to get the few kilometers per hour they were missing earlier; in the first part, we see them reach 236 km/h.

Then, there’s the lightning acceleration, specific to electric models and particularly to those offered by Tesla. That gives a possibility of 2.5 seconds to go from a stop to 100 km/h. However, the higher the speed, the lower the thrust, so above 160 km/h, the pace slows down. The car speeds up more slowly from 180 km/h onward, and beyond 200 km/h, speed increases still more slowly.

Tesla Model X
Photo: Tesla
Tesla Model X

Of course this is of no practical relevance to Canadians given our speed limits, and we certainly don’t recommend this kind of behavior. But the video provides worthwhile insight into how the speed is transmitted to the wheels.

And beyond it all, there is that silence that is just incredibly striking, given the speed being driven.  

And the other thing to watch for is the relationship between the speeding Model X and other road users. Like when the car speeds silently past a… BMW M6. Only on the Autobahn…