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We’re pretty fond of our readers here at (most of them, anyways), and it’s always interesting to see what you guys liked the most over the past 12 months of browsing our fabulous site. We know you’re a unique bunch, but this year’s most-viewed reviews had us all a little shocked. 

While we got behind the wheel of some pretty exotic and fantastic machinery (918 Spyder anyone?!), and a host of German beauties (and beasts) like the Porsche GT3, Mercedes-AMG GT, our readers didn’t really seem to take notice.  Even our love-hate for the new BMW M3 didn’t quite satisfy your internet-browsing hunger. The likes of the BMW i8 didn’t spark that many clicks either (see what I did there?). And Jag’s big cat the XKR-S barely managed to scratch the click-counter (OK, I’m done now… maybe). 

OK, so you, oh dear reader, must have liked the Stingray, HELLCAT, and F-150, right? Wrong. No, over-700 horsepower doesn’t seem to impress you, either. 

But a price tag below the $10,000 mark in Canada must garner your attention, right? Wrong again. Not even the Nissan MICRA came close to’s top-viewed articles. 

No, you’re a sophisticated, down-to-earth kind of bunch (or so we’ve learned through your mousing tendencies on our site). While the No. 1 most-viewed review on for 2014 is top of our editorial list, too, we really were a bit intrigued with the remainder of the list. However, it goes to show where our reader’s heads (well, most of them anyways) really are, and what you guys truly care about and want to read more about. 

So, thanks for all the clicks this past year and here’s to another year full of smart, practical, everyday cars.

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