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Top 10 vehicles with all-wheel drive for tackling winter 2018-2019 in Canada

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Maybe you’re looking to replace your vehicle in anticipation of the winter ahead. Maybe you’re hesitant faced with the choice of AWD vehicles available on the market, and which one is worth the investment. Maybe you want to know which all-wheel-drive car, SUV or truck offers the best value for that investment. put together a list of our top picks for handling winter in style, through the magic of power to all four wheels!

After all, just like you, we’re steeling ourselves for the months of snow, ice, slush and whatnot that lie ahead on our roads in winter 2018-2019.

We went ahead and roamed through the categories and vehicle types, our only restriction being to limit ourselves to models priced under the $50,000 mark.

Happy shopping!

Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru’s symmetrical full-time all-wheel-drive system is recognized as one of the best, if not THE best, in the industry. And since it’s featured on every model in the automaker’s lineup, whichever Subaru-brand vehicle you choose will be a smart choice for driving in winter.

What makes the Crosstrek stand out for us? One, its format; two, its elevated ground clearance; three, its very reasonable price point; and four, the positive driving experience it delivers, especially in the snow.

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Subaru Crosstrek
Photo: D.Boshouwers
Subaru Crosstrek