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Top 15: The 2019 New York Auto Show’s Quirks and Quarks

Here are the oddities that retained our attention at spring’s last big show Automotive columnist: , Updated:

The 2019 New York Auto Show got underway last week with the usual Media days stuffed with splashy presentations. was on hand to cover the whole thing, including some of the more esoteric models and innovations not on the big presentation schedule.

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Here are 15 of those that grabbed my attention as I wandered the wide expanse of the show’s exhibit space

1 – Nissan GT-R (50th Anniversary Edition)

Nissan celebrates its GT-R model’s 50 years of existence in 2019. To mark the occasion, the automaker went all out with a display that attracted a ton of attention at the show. There’s a cloud within this silver lining, of course: the future of the model is anything but certain. Many are doubting that the company is all that interested in writing a new chapter in the model’s history.

Nissan, for its part, maintains that it is committed to continuing the model. That said, it seems to me that the occasion of the New York show, and of this anniversary celebration, would have been the logical moment to unveil a new generation – especially since the current edition is over 10 years old.

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Photo: D.Rufiange