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The Volkswagen Beetle, Like You’ve Never Seen It

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Daniel Rufiange
We follow the beloved Beetle through time… and the uses people put it to!

It’s been well-publicized by now that 2019 will be the last year of production for the iconic VW Beetle – at least until Volkswagen decides it’s time to bring it back to the catalogue. Maybe we’ll see an electric Beetle, who knows? For now, anyways, when the current model heads for the retirement home, all we’ll have left is the memories.

Just about everything imaginable has been said and written about the Beetle, but still we felt we couldn’t let the model pass without saluting it in some form.

Here then is a gallery that shows this iconic car under a different light.

1 – Volkswagen V3 Prototype 1936

The early design work for the first Volkswagen Beetle took place a few years before its official debut in 1938. Ferdinand Porsche produces some early sketches, but it was this V3 (V for Versuch, or German for “experimental”) prototype that caught the attention of Adolf Hitler.

| Photo: Volkswagen
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