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Toronto Auto Show: BMW

A look at BMW's new X6 Active Hybrid, and M3 pricing starts at $69,900 Automotive expert , Updated:
A look at BMW's new X6 Active Hybrid, and M3 pricing starts at $69,900

Adding to the flood of confusingly-abbreviated vehicle classifications, BMW has just shown their latest Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) to the media at the Toronto Auto Show.

This one's called the X6 Active Hybrid, and it boasts an improvement of up to 20 percent in terms of emissions and fuel economy versus a comparable machine. The Active Hybrid concept promises to combine enhanced fuel efficiency and typical BMW driving pleasure into the same machine.

The X6 Active Hybrid visually and dynamically captures the essence of the German brands DNA. Its striking style and unique paint-job and wheel combination work to set it apart from the standard X6 model, which goes on sale later this year.

A dual-mode hybrid, the X6 Hybrid is propelled by a gasoline engine, an electric system, or both- depending on the situation. The system was developed jointly with Daimler Chrysler and General Motors in the past few years at a special facility in Michigan.

The X6 Active Hybrid falls under BMW's Efficient Dynamics umbrella- part of which includes the modular hybrid system which can easily be fitted to other vehicles in the future. No such details are available at this point, however.