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Man Flips his Toyota Camry in a Car Wash

Toyota Camry | Photo: YouTube (6abc Philadelphia)
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Daniel Rufiange
Fortunately, the elderly driver will recover from mild injuries to his legs, and a case of shock
Pennsylvanie car wash | Photo: YouTube (6abc Philadelphia)

•    The driver of a Toyota Camry flipped his car inside a car wash, in a new video gone viral.

•    It’s believed the driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes after paying at a booth.

•    No injuries were sustained by the driver or anyone else working at the car wash.

When it comes to cars, just when you think you've seen it all, something new, completely unusual and yea, even unthinkable comes along. 

Like, for example, a car flipping over. Inside a car wash. 

If there’s one place where speeds are extremely low, and there’s no traffic to speak, it’s inside a car wash. Nevertheless, the owner of a Toyota Camry recently showed the world that yes, it is possible to roll a car there. 

Fortunately, we can laugh a little about this story today, because the incident left no consequences other than inflicting some damage on the interior of the building. 

Local networks broadcast video of the incident, and a good thing too because otherwise who would have believed this possible. It's easy to conclude on watching the video that the driver evidently hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes as he was preparing to enter the car wash. 

As a result, the car sped into the car wash area before hitting a machine and flipping over.

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The incident occurred in Colmar, Pennsylvania. The 77-year-old driver was trapped in his car for 90 minutes before he could be pulled out. The roof of the car had to be removed to do so. He was transported to a local hospital but suffered no major injuries. People who witnessed the scene or saw the end result were in disbelief. 

The owner of the car wash was happy of course that there were no serious injuries, but he acknowledged that the accident would have a significant impact on his business. “We are relieved that nobody was seriously injured,” he told local news outlet. “This was a severe accident that is extremely unfortunate for our customers and our equipment. Being a small business owner isn’t easy, accidents like this don’t make it any easier.”

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