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Toyota recalls 1.75 million vehicles worldwide

Toyota today announced recalls on 1.75 million vehicles around the world to correct a problem with the fuel injection system, braking system, and fuel tank. No related incident has been reported so far, the automaker says.
First, Toyota will replace the brake master cylinder on 802,000 units, including 798,000 in Japan and China. Affected models include Lexus cars, Noah minivans and Crown sedans, among others.
Another recall involves 759,000 vehicles from the 2005-2010 model years, over half of which are found in the U.S. and another 244,000 in Japan. The injection rail may crack and cause a leak. The likely culprit is a bad seal resulting from rustproofing treatment particles.
Moreover, 190,000 vehicles are being recalled in Japan due to a fuel tank defect. We don't know yet if any Canadian models suffer from this problem.
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