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Uber legalized in Toronto under certain conditions

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Uber drivers are ecstatic and taxi drivers are livid after Toronto announced it will authorize the controversial service across the city under certain conditions, Radio-Canada reports.

The Mayor said he wants to put citizens’ interests first by adapting taxi industry rules to today’s reality.

While taxi companies have to pay $290 annually for a driver’s permit, Uber will only have to pay $10 per driver in addition to a $0.20 tax on each ride. There is no maximum, however. Also, taxi drivers must pass two inspections a year versus only one for Uber drivers.

City Counsellor Janet Travis believes Toronto completely surrendered to Uber, while the city’s permit manager sees the new rules as fair. Other Canadian cities have adopted similar strategies regarding Uber, such as Edmonton and Ottawa. 

In Quebec, the government has yet to make a final decision.