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Utah police gives ticket to Barbie Jeep!

Police in the small town of American Fork, Utah, are not kidding around. A 7-year-old girl named Autumn and her younger sister received a ticket for parking their Barbie Jeep in the street, in front of a neighbour's driveway.

Instead of calling for towing, the officer who spotted the violation moved the Jeep off the street and parked it behind Autumn's father's car in the family driveway.

"I came out of the garage. I noticed that the Jeep was parked in an unpopular place right behind my vehicle. And so, I got out and noticed that there was an abandoned vehicle tag on it," their father said. "This is definitely my favourite ticket that I have received."

Obviously, there was no fine attached to it – just a friendly reminder to Autumn and her sister not to leave their toys out in the street. You can bet they've learned their lesson.

Source: Yahoo! Shine