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VinFast Canada Offers Buyers Free Charging on Public Stations, or a Level 2 Home Charger

The Vietnamese automaker is bringing new ways of thinking to the Canadian EV market; now the challenge is to win over consumers Automotive columnist: , Updated:

Vietnamese EV maker VinFast’s Canadian division is launching an original incentive program for consumers here. Buyers will be offered two different programs that deliver free charging with the purchase of one of the two models (VF8 and VF 9) sold by the company in the Canada.

As reported yesterday by Automotive News Canada, VinFast will give buyers three years of free EV battery charging on public charging networks across the country; alternatively, those buyers can opt for a credit that will cover the cost of installation of an at-home Level 2 charger. The charger itself will be given free with vehicle purchase.

Buyers can thus choose between free charging sessions on various public networks across the country, or a Level 2 charger at home.

The three years of free, unlimited charging is offered through VinFast's public charging partner, the ChargeHub network. ChargeHub will enable owners to connect to various charging stations belonging to a growing number of networks. Its app allows drivers to charge their EVs via six charging networks across the continent.

In all, 6,000 Level 2 and more than 800 Level 3 charging stations will be available to VinFast vehicle owners across the country. And more will be added. Users will also be covered in the U.S. when using stations operated by ChargeHub Passport-compatible networks.

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VinFast VF 8
VinFast VF 8
Photo: VinFast

VinFast Canada's other option designed to entice buyers is for the at-home Level 2 charger. The company will offer free of charge its VinFast charger, valued at $849, and combine it with a $1,000 credit to cover installation through its partner Qmerit.

VinFast says its Level 2 charger operates 40 percent faster than the competition. In addition, it offers adjustable charging speeds and wireless internet, and the company also promises future features that are currently in development.

Buyers will also enjoy VinFast Smart Driving for free for a year. This includes safety features like automatic lane change assist, smart parking assist, remote parking assist and real-time updates, among others.

The VF 8 and VF 9 will be available in two configurations, Eco and Plus. VinFast is also offering batteries with different capacities. As we’ve reported previously, these will be leased by buyers at the outset, rather than having their price included in the vehicle price. Battery purchase options will be offered at a later date.