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Volkswagen’s Golf Leaving Canada After 2021

The Golf GTI and R variants will remain, but the base version is disappearing Automotive columnist: , Updated:

Volkswagen Canada confirmed this week what was already widely assumed by many: the regular version of the Golf will disappear from the company’s lineup after 2021. Which means we won’t ever get to taste the base-model eighth-generation Golf already available in Europe.

The move comes as no surprise given that we already knew last fall that the U.S. division of the German automaker would not continue to offer the base model 8th-generation Golf, which was unveiled officially in October 2019. Volkswagen Canada had nonetheless maintained the hope that Canada, which has long been fertile ground for the little Golf, would continue to offer the model, but it was not to be. The company indicated strongly that the decision was not its own, but rather a decision from higher up in the VW hierarchy.

As of 2022, then, Canadian consumers will benefit from the GTI and R variants of the Golf’s next-generation model. Still, the sad fact is that the days motorists here can enjoy an affordable, trimmed-down Golf is coming to a close.

Note that for 2021, Volkswagen Canada will endeavour to stock its dealerships with enough inventory of the current Golf to satisfy customer demand.

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