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Volkswagen ID. Buggy Will Be Made, but in a Different Form

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At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen presented the ID Buggy concept, a modern-day interpretation of the famed Dune Buggy. The new prototype took on a pseudo-Beetle appearance, but as drawn for a cartoon. Needless to say, the design caused a sensation.

At that time, Volkswagen said it would like to see its electric concept reach the production stage, even though there’s no niche market for this type of product in the industry. The company's plans changed, but all, it seems, is not lost regarding the new Buggy.  

According to Car Magazine, Volkswagen has abandoned its original strategy. The automaker initially intended to develop a low-volume production version in collaboration with the Aachen, Germany-based company e.Go Mobile. However, that firm recently filed for bankruptcy protection, leaving Volkswagen without a partner for the project.

Rest assured, however, it seems the German manufacturer is not thinking of tossing that project aside. Instead, the ID. Buggy is to be reinvented as a more "conventional" product, one with a relatively affordable price tag attached to it. It will retain some of the key features of the concept, including large off-road tires, high ground clearance and a completely unique design.

“The electric-car era will force SUVs to change. We’ve always wondered what’s the next big thing after the SUV: it’s the fully electric SUV.”

- Jurgen Stackmann, member of Volkswagen's board of directors.

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Prototype Volkswagen ID. Buggy, profil
Photo: Volkswagen
Prototype Volkswagen ID. Buggy, profil

Don’t expect it for next spring, however. The Buggy won't see the light of day before 2023. It's also not expected to make the leap to North America. However, with the withdrawal of the Golf from our market, Volkswagen certainly owes us one. Let's just hope that if the model generates positive interest, our continent won't be ignored.  

As for the shape it might take, we can imagine a future rival to the Land Rover Defender and the new Ford Bronco Sport... with the difference that it would be all electric. If the concept idea is respected, it would be smaller and focused on a very adventurous lifestyle.

Another story we'll be following closely.

Volkswagen ID. Buggy concept, rear
Photo: Volkswagen
Volkswagen ID. Buggy concept, rear
Volkswagen ID. Buggy pictures