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The North American Volkswagen ID. Buzz will be presented this summer in California

2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz | Photo: Volkswagen
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Daniel Rufiange
The electric microbus will debut on the market for 2024

•    Volkswagen will officially introduce the North American version of the ID. Buzz this summer in California.

•    The electric model is intended to be the modern incarnation of the Microbus of the 1960s.

•    The model is expected to have a 111-kWh battery and delver a range of around 500 km.

We know that it will be in the market in North America in 2024, and we already knew that it would be presented to us during the course of this year. We now know where and when our version of VW’s ID. Buzz will be officially introduced: in California, this summer. 

Note that the Volkswagen ID. Buzz has already made its market debut in Europe, early in 2023.

A modern, electric version of Volkswagen's famous Type 2, it promises to be a hit because of its unique and attractive styling, but also because it evokes a fondly remembered model.

And because California is where the original microbus first found popularity, it's only natural that it's the chosen ground for Volkswagen’s launch presentation. 

Volkswagen used the occasion of the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, which took place last weekend in Florida, to confirm the news.

Once the official presentations are over with, the North American ID. Buzz is expected to arrive at dealerships shortly afterwards. 

2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz - Interior
2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz - Interior | Photo: Volkswagen

Remember that this version is the long-wheelbase variant, and that it is still being tested. The regular-wheelbase model is already on the market in Europe. The difference between the two is significant, as our version stretches an additional 10 inches (about 30 cm) between the front and rear wheel axles. This additional space allows for a third row of seats. 

Depending on how well the model sells, we can expect the ID. Buzz lineup sprout new variants. A long-wheelbase commercial van is expected to launch in some markets, and a version pre-fitted out as a recreational vehicle is under development. 

Because of its larger size, our ID. Buzz gets a 111-kWh battery rather than the 82-kWh battery used for the shorter models. The model is built on the Volkswagen Group's MEB platform which was designed for electric passenger vehicles and is already in use with the ID.4 SUV. A range of around 500 km is expected from the ID. Buzz, but we'll have to see. 

The SUV will be assembled exclusively at Volkswagen’s plant in Hanover, Germany. There are rumours that the company is considering eventually manufacturing some ID. Buzz EVs in the United States. Considering that its Chattanooga, Tennessee, plant is already producing the ID.4, that is certainly possible. 

Again, it will depend on how successful the model is. We anticipate strong sales, but consumers will be the ones to decide.

2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz - Profile
2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz - Profile | Photo: Volkswagen
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