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Ready For the Dog Days of Winter? Meet Someone Who Is

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Winter has settled in truly, madly and deeply in various parts of the Canada, and so some of you may be on the lookout for a vehicle that will let you take back control versus Mother Nature.

An Idaho man, fed up with being at the mercy of winter’s whims, set out to create just such a vehicle. The result? A machine that makes mincemeat out of blizzards.

The vehicle created by Jimmy Driver started out life as a hearse, more specifically a 1967 Cadillac Superior. But other than the frame, virtually nothing remains of the original car. To give life to his all-terrain creation, the master mechanic sought out parts taken from several different types of vehicles, including school buses and farm tractors.

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To power what he dubbed the Mortis, Driver installed in the back of his metallic Frankenstein’s monster a massive 53-series Detroit Diesel V6 – right about where used to rest the cadaver-occupied coffins the original Caddy transported.

The result is a machine that rises 10 feet off the ground and tips 20,000 lb on the scale, and rides on 60-inch tires. The 6X4 Mortis has unsurprisingly become quite an attraction in and around the town of Naples, Idaho, where Jimmy Driver resides with his family.

Because of its massive dimensions, the Mortis is limited to traveling at 20 km/h or less. The upside is that it can likely create itself some shortcuts to save travel time.

Jimmy Driver has invested around $15,000 to give life to the Mortis, though he figures it’s probably not worth much more than $500 today.

But then, that’s not the point with such an original creation as this!