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2022 Honda CR-V Touring Review: Still a Short-Lister

2022 Honda CR-V Touring | Photo: V.Aubé
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Vincent Aubé
Honda's best-selling SUV may be anonymous but it sells, even as the next generation looms for next year
2022 Honda CR-V Touring, profile
2022 Honda CR-V Touring, profile | Photo: V.Aubé

Auto123 reviews the 2022 Honda CR-V Touring.

Japanese automaker Honda is readying to introduce the new, sixth-generation CR-V, but before that and all the hoopla surrounding that event happens, we decided we’d give the current edition a good once-over, especially since it’s the one still at dealers (when there’s inventory) and the one that continues to lead the way for Honda in terms of sales. This CR-V first debuted in 2016 as a 2017 model, so it’s a proven commodity, one trusted by large numbers of Canadian motorists.

To wit, despite its advanced age, the Honda CR-V continues to be among the top-selling SUVs in Canada. The model's reputation is one factor keeping consumers coming to Honda dealers, but there are also other factors that come into play, such as driving pleasure and cargo and passenger space. We're talking about a utility vehicle, after all.

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Anonymous, for good and bad
We don’t know how much the model’s designers would agree, but in our view the current CR-V is pretty darn anonymous when out in traffic, just one of many crossovers and compact SUVs of similar disposition out there. Since its debut it has received the odd modest redesign along the way, but nothing major. Honda doesn’t do major, generally. Especially when a model’s sales are so gangbuster.

That said, Honda didn’t totally deprive its compact SUV of distinguishing features. The vehicle's bumper isn't the most robust in appearance, but the grille, delimited by a central chrome strip, integrates the LED light clusters quite well. A second silver stripe on the bumper follows the same design. On the sides, another chrome strip at the base of the doors (exclusive to this Touring trim) adds a touch of elegance to a vehicle overall very simple and down to earth in its approach.

The CR-V's rear end still features the position lights that extend on either side of the rear window with the license plate positioned lower on the tailgate. Standing tall on its 19-inch wheels, the CR-V Touring is clearly not the most expressive vehicle in its class, but perhaps that's part of its success: a vehicle that goes everywhere without drawing attention.

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2022 Honda CR-V Touring, interior
2022 Honda CR-V Touring, interior | Photo: V.Aubé

What about the interior?
While the CR-V doesn't offer a design as elegant as the Mazda CX-5 or as expressive as the two Korean compact SUVs it competes against (Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage), what about the interior?

As a rule, the quality of Honda's interiors is noteworthy and the CR-V is no exception. True, the CR-V's dashboard is a bit more old school than the Civic's very linear one. Beyond the fake woodwork, Honda is banking on the central touchscreen to connect the vehicle to the user. The automaker isn't trying to introduce a middle-ground solution like the controversial touchpad seen in Acuras. On the other hand, the screen's response is not its greatest strength, while those shortcut buttons are hard to reach when the vehicle is in motion. What’s more, the version of the infotainment system is not the brand's most recent.

For the rest, the traditional buttons are well positioned on the slanted console. There's also plenty of storage in the middle for both occupants; the bin behind the cup holders, most notably, is deep enough to hold a purse or even a smart tablet.

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