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10 Best UX Winners for 2018, according to WardsAuto

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WardsAuto has published its third annual 10 Best UX list, recognizing the new 2018/2019 models offering the best and most convivial user experiences to their occupants. These are the vehicles that make using all that new tech not just palatable, but pleasant – even experience-enhancing!

The process had WardsAuto’s editors evaluate 25 vehicles across all price ranges available in the U.S. over a two-month period this summer. The 25 chosen for appraisal feature new or updated UX features, such as apps, voice commands, adaptive cruise control, drive assist systems and multimedia display screens.

“It’s important that we pay tribute to the automakers that are focused on making it easy and enjoyable for consumers to interact with their vehicles. Nobody wants to be frustrated by technologies that seem like a great idea in the lab but turn out to be annoying in the real world.”

- Drew Winter, WardsAuto Senior Content Director

Here they are, in alphabetical order::

Acura RDX

The new RDX’s True Touchpad proved a hit with the folks at WardsAuto. Located in the centre console, the touchpad is directly connected to the screen above, making its use very intuitive. Most importantly, it allows the driver to focus more on what’s ahead on the road instead of futsing on a screen.

The RDX was also recognized for its excellent drive assist functions, notably its adaptive cruise control and the lane keep assist system.

Photo: Acura
Photo: Acura

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