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A New FX4 Package for the 2020 Ford Expedition

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Full-size SUVs are, of course, big business in the United States. The Ford Expedition is a major player in the domain and Ford is taking steps to ensure it remains one in 2020. The company has just added a new package made to please off-roading enthusiasts, the FX4.

The 2020 Expedition FX4 package will endow the model with greater off-road capabilities, but it also boosts the refinement level inside.

The new version gets 18-inch wheels shod with 32-inch off-roading tires, as well as new shocks designed to withstand all-terrain driving. Also helping in that department are seven – yes, seven! - skid plates to protect the more-fragile parts of the undercarriage.  In front the nose is shortened to optimize the vehicle’s approach angle on uneven terrain. Chrome-plated running boards with angular step bars have been placed on the lower flanks.

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Photo: Ford

Under the hood sits the same 3.5L V6 engine that generates 375 hp in conjunction with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The powertrain also includes a two-speed electronic transfer case, and the package adds a 3.73.1 limited-slip differential and a heavy-duty radiator as well.

Inside, the package adds leather seating with cross-stitching as well as wood accents for the Limited version. Front and rear get rubber floor liners to protect against all the off-road dirt sure to be tracked in. Ford’s Co-Pilot360 system s standard equipment, as is the 360-degree camera system that provides a full view of the immediate surroundings.

The FX4 package will be available with both the regular-wheelbase and stretched Max versions of the 2020 Expedition.

Photo: Ford