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More than 150,000 Orders for the 2021 Ford Bronco

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Ford has reportedly received more than 150,000 reservations for the new 2021 Ford Bronco, according to Automotive News, which cites Ford CFO Tim Stone. Over at the Bronco6G online forum, dedicated to all things Bronco, the figure advanced is 230,000 pre-orders, attributed to “anonymous but reliable” sources.

Ford has not provided an official number regarding the reservations it has collected from eager future owners, but it did recently confirm that those not already in line with pre-bookings will be waiting until 2022 to take delivery if they reserve now.

Whether the true total is at the lower or higher end of those estimates, it’s an impressive haul for Ford, which is readying to market the first real rival to the Wrangler in seemingly forever. At the same time, the reservations total has to be taken with at least a little grain of salt, since all that’s required for a potential buyer to reserve a Bronco is a small $100 deposit. Which is refundable to boot.

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The Bronco6G forum has been monitoring reservations made by its members since the Bronco was presented on July 13. It claims that roughly 30 percent of those members are either current Wrangler owners. About 20 percent have never owned a Ford before.

If you’re wondering which version of the new Bronco is drawing the most interest, Bronco6G claims that over 62 percent are going for the four-door version, and under 38 percent for the two-door. The Badlands trim is the most popular of the seven trims on offer (the First Edition is already sold out, or it may have been the top choice).

Ford will get a truer idea of how serious those potential buyers later this year, when they will be asked to confirm their reservation. As you’d expect, the company will fulfill all of those pre-orders before it starts to build any stock units, the ones that will eventually make their way to Ford dealers. Which means that it will be some time before you can wander into your local dealership and check out a new Bronco.

Ford Bronco 2021, calandre
Photo: Ford
Ford Bronco 2021, calandre
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