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Buick Previews Next-Gen 2025 Enclave

Buick Esclave 2025 | Photo: Buick
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Daniel Rufiange
We see echoes of the Wildcat concept in the lines of the next Enclave

The current generation of the Buick Enclave made its debut for 2019. The next vintage is in the works, and yesterday Buick gave a glimpse of it by sharing a few images of the SUV. 

The production version is expected sometime this year as a 2025 model. 

The image and sketches shared show a third-generation Enclave sporting sculpted, more aggressive lines. The approach is in line with what Chevrolet and GMC have done with their versions of this model, the Traverse and Acadia. 

Preview of the next 2025 Buick Esclave
Preview of the next 2025 Buick Esclave | Photo: Buick
Design of the all-new 2025 Buick Esclave
Design of the all-new 2025 Buick Esclave | Photo: Buick

And like its cousins, the 2025 Enclave will still be powered by a gasoline engine. Buick hasn't said anything specific about it, but we can guess it will be fitted with the same new 2.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder as the Traverse and Acadia, replacing the 3.6L V6 that’s been in use since the model’s debut in 2008. The new engine will work with an 8-speed auto transmission. Expect a towing capacity of 5,000 lb.

Again, all of this is yet to be confirmed. 

The lines of the new SUV are reminiscent of the Wildcat concept presented in 2022. The new Envison and Envista gave us a glimpse of this new Buick signature; the Enclave will be the third to adopt it. 

As for Buick's first electric vehicle, we'll have to wait a little longer before seeing the model everyone expects will be called the Electra E5. In the U.S., Buick is facing a peculiar situation, as almost half of its dealers preferred a takeover by General Motors to having to invest in upgrading their facilities to sell and service electric models. 

The year 2024 will tell us a lot about the speed at which the transition to electric will happen at Buick.

Daniel Rufiange
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