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No More Mercedes-Benz B-Class in Canada after 2019

The small hatchbacked Mercedes-Benz B-Class, introduced to the Canadian market back in 2005, is being discontinued in this country after 2019.

When it was first launched in Canada, one of the talked-about points regarding the B-Class was that it was not being introduced in the United States, then as always more of a big-car market in comparison with its northern neighbour. The model actually sold relatively well here, including through the revised second generation, which debuted in 2013, but sales had lagged recently.

To add another twist to the model’s strange North American journey, that second-generation B-Class was sold in the United States – as an electric vehicle. That version was discontinued in the U.S. last year.

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class will continue to be sold in Europe, Japan and other global markets.