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Enhanced Version of Apple CarPlay Coming Soon

An exemple of the future Apple Carplay application interface | Photo: Apple
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Daniel Rufiange
The rollout of the new-generation Apple CarPlay is expected to take place gradually over the coming months.

Apple is working on the next generation of its CarPlay application, which can be used in most vehicles in the industry by those with Apple smartphones.

Since 2022, the company has been hinting at a next-generation version of its integration system. Yesterday, during the company's annual developers' conference, it previewed some of the new features of the system, which should gradually be rolled out during the current year.

The most significant change is that CarPlay can extend beyond the multimedia system screen. The application can integrate with the instrument cluster in front of the driver, as well as any other screen on the dashboard.

This is what will be called an immersive integration.


Users won’t be stuck with just one single generic design, as is currently the case, where the presentation is the same from one vehicle to another. The system will offer several models and variations of details, allowing manufacturers to customize the appearance to match their vehicle.

Aston Martin and Porsche have already given a preview of what their specific designs will look like.

And users will be able to personalize the information displayed on the screen. Apple promises a very flexible system that will allow users to truly customize their experience.

In addition, new applications will enable user control of various vehicle functions, meaning it will no longer be necessary to switch from one system to another. Climate control, driving modes, electronic driver assistance functions, camera monitoring, etc., can all be controlled from within the app's menus.

Some notifications sent to the driver will be contextual, such as the charge status of an electric model, for example.

We’re sure to learn more about this system in the coming weeks and months. And, we can expect a response from Android.

An exemple of the future Apple Carplay application interface
An exemple of the future Apple Carplay application interface | Photo: Apple
Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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