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Potential 300-mile e-tron SUV in the works from Audi

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Shortly after announcing they confirm to launch the all-electric R8 e-tron at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show, Audi also revealed that they are working on another fully electric model, potentially dubbed the Q6. 

This 100% electric SUV from Audi could potentially reach over 300-miles on battery power alone; which could see Tesla a bit worried as they struggle to release their views all-electric SUV the Model X (which is already about two years late). 

Of course, such a vehicle won’t come cheap, and an e-tron SUV will definitely not be for everyone in terms of pricing and affordability. However, the possibility is there for an Audi Q-branded e-tron SUV to hit the market in the coming years as the technology and platforms are all there, and it would slot perfectly between the existing Q5 and Q7, according to Audi officials. 

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